All You Need To Know: Where & When to Have a Destination Wedding

I had a new Bride ask me, if I were to do a Destination Wedding, where would I do it and what time of year?  I was perplexed by the question because I never thought about it before.  I had a traditional wedding at home which was lovely.  If I were to do it all over again, I would 110% choose a Destination Wedding.  Certainly now knowing the beauty, cost savings and fun that it entails!

I’ve been thinking about the question more and I have made my decision.  I would have it in November definitely.  The first weekend to be precise.  Pricing for this time of year is great because you are right outside of the rainy season.  It is still really warm and a lot of day light.  Plus, it is not a busy time of year, it does not affect the holidays, and it is after Halloween so no worries of the kids missing out on the fun at home.

Now for my wedding, I would prefer to have as many people join us as possible.  The idea of small boutique hotel, on a distant island with an intimate affair is alluring, trust me, I love these type of weddings. Though, I would be out for the big bash.  I would love to have a whole week of my wedding than just one day!  I know how it sounds, but I’m answering the question honestly.

Picking a Destination is hard.  I have to consider where the majority of my guests are traveling from, their travel time, availability of nonstop flights, and just overall ease of travel.  This is why I would definitely choose Cancun as the airport of my choice.  There are so many areas to transfer to from that airport.  Nonstop flights are a plenty and so are numerous 5 star luxury all-inclusive resorts.

I love Cancun, though I would want more space for my large wedding group.  I would like the opportunity to spread out and have enough room for everyone.  I want an all-inclusive resort that gives me comps for the number of rooms my group accumulates as well as rewarding me with private events free of charge to host as many parties as I can during my stay.

Ultimately I would choose the Hard Rock Riviera Maya the first week of November for my Dream Destination Wedding.  I love the Hard Rock Riviera Maya because it has the Heaven (Adult) side and Hacienda (Family) side of the resort.  It’s a great price point for group stays, it’s all-inclusive and offers a very handsome resort credit depending on your stay that you can use for spa treatments to even excursions off the resort.  It’s pure fun!

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