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Choose Destinations by Amy to handle your groups' travel planning and see how far you can go! Working with a travel agent that is experienced and knowledgeable on the perks of group travel, alleviates the stress on the group leader. One person to answer all questions, organize group activities, make transfers easy, ultimately makes traveling in a group what it is supposed to be... fun!

Destinations by Amy Offers Resort Group Amenities!

Destinations by Amy does help your group travel affordably and safely. Each resort offers different group concessions that can help with the overall cost, have the group leader travel for free, and/ or offer special group amenities that you would get from working with an experienced group travel consultant.

It saves time and money to work with Destinations by Amy

It saves time and money to work with Destinations by Amy for your Group Travel Planning. Do not go about this alone and spend worthless hours searching the internet when Destinations by Amy can do all the hard work for you. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy being a part of a well organized group trip.

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