FAQ – Group Trips


1Does it cost more money to utilize a Travel Consultant?
The answer is NO! A travel consultant can save you money and TIME! It’s our job to filter through the abundance of travel deals, pick out the best values, and make travel easy. Travel Consultants work with travel suppliers that offer commissions for booking with them. It’s a win – win for the Traveler and Travel Consultant. Travel Suppliers offer Travel Consultants the same rates or better than what you could find online yourself. A Travel Consultant also offers creativity to your travel plans. I pride myself in a well planned trip and would never suggest a resort, destination or tour unless I would do it myself. I have high expectations so I am confident in my suggestions. Keep it easy, take the advice, and let someone else do the work.
2Why utilize a Travel Consultant like Destinations by Amy?
With extensive experience and knowledge, Destinations by Amy can make your group travel planning easy and effortless! Groups will benefit from one main contact for booking all travel arrangements and answering any questions they will have. In turn, Group Leaders do not need to field all these phone calls and emails themselves. For picking the best destination for your Group Trip, you can be confident that Destinations by Amy will specifically help you choose the best resort based on your wants and needs. We will assist you to choose the perfect destination, decide on the best resort, navigate through all the different room categories, find the most ideal flight schedule and make sure every aspect of your trip is what you want it to be. Destinations by Amy manages room block contracts as well as offers a group booking code. Ask us more about the different ways we can get you and your group on a trip!
3Why do you suggest an All-Inclusive Resort for our Group Trip?
An All-Inclusive Resort is a great choice for your Group Trip. Wrangling your group to get to the planning stages was hard enough, when you get on resort you don’t want to be organizing entertainment and splitting checks everywhere you go. An All-Inclusive Resort offers your group a way to leave their wallet and additional planning travel consultant to take care of everyone’s travel needs and an unforgettable experience. Your days will be filled with drinks by the pool, water sports, dining al fresco, and sunshine. The best part is that it is all included!
4What other events can Destinations by Amy help with?
A welcome dinner is a great idea. Even planning an excursion will be a huge hit. All of these events can be planned prior to arrival and Destinations by Amy can help you make it happen. We can put together a whole schedule of activities for your group. How fun does that sound?
5How far in advance should I start booking my trip?
The earlier the better! The preferred resorts and preferred travel dates do fill up quickly. Thinking of pulling this off last minute? No problem. As long as your little flexible, Destinations by Amy can make it happen!
6What’s the first step?
Let Destinations by Amy make your dreams a reality. Start today by Scheduling an Appointment!
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